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[[Graham_Oliver#Saxon|Oliver Dawson Saxon]] - 'Blood And Thunder Live' (Angel Air) CD Reviews Written by Matt Phelps Tuesday, 05 August 2014 03:00 As founding members of Saxon...
Release date September 17th 2012 SON OF A BITCH Victim You (SJPCD394) Originally formed in 1974 SON OF A BITCH were led by guitarist [[Graham_Oliver|Graham Oliver]] and bassist [[Steve_Dawson|Steve...
3. Interview with Graham and Steve
(Media Resources/Oliver-DawsonSAXON Video)
NoM6kf50um4 And now we see [[Graham_Oliver|Graham Oliver]], [[Steve_Dawson|Steve (Dobby) Dawson]], [[Nigel_Durham|Nigel Durham]] (3 SAXON artists) with [[Oliver/Dawson_Saxon|Haydn Conway]] and...
4. Interview with Graham and Steve
(Media Resources/Original SAXON Video)
NoM6kf50um4 Some Text about the album here [[Oliver/Dawson_Saxon|MOTORBIKER]] (2012) Track list needed
5. MOTORBIKER - The new Heavy Metal album.
(News/Oliver-Dawson SAXON)
[[Graham_Oliver#Saxon|Oliver Dawson Saxon]] - Heavier than Metal [[Graham_Oliver#Saxon|Oliver-Dawson Saxon]] started to record their new album titled [[Oliver/Dawson_Saxon|MOTORBIKER]] five years ago at...
6. SAXON & Heavy Metal
(News/Saxon Archives)
...era when [[Graham_Oliver|Graham Oliver]] and [[Steve_Dawson|Steve Dawson]] toured the pubs and clubs in the North of England as [[Graham_Oliver#Son_of_a_Bitch|Son Of A Bitch]] ([[Graham_Oliver#Son_of_a_Bitch|SOB]])....
7. Returns Policy
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... We aim to: Acknowledge complaints within 7 working days Advise you how long it will take to resolve the complaint Keep you informed throughout the process   Regards - [[Graham_Oliver#Saxon|Oliver...
8. SonOfaBitch 1995
(Media Resources/Band Favourite Videos)
[Heavy Metal Music]- Original 1995 Profile: including Extracts by Moz Morris The band started its embryonic life as the Dawson/Oliver outfit [[Graham_Oliver#Son_of_a_Bitch|Son Of A Bitch]] ([[Graham_Oliver#Son_of_a_Bitch|SOB]])...
9. SonOfaBitch To SAXON
(News/Saxon Archives)
[[Graham_Oliver#Son_of_a_Bitch|SonOfaBitch]] To SAXON - [Heavy Metal Music] One of the main founding Saxonmember's [[Graham_Oliver|Graham Oliver]] has never given in regardless of the media pounding...
From [[Graham_Oliver|Graham Oliver]] and [[Steve_Dawson|Steve Dawson]]... [[Graham_Oliver#Son_of_a_Bitch|SOB]] to SAXON, the early years! ...
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