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...teamed up with another ex Saxon member Pete Gill and Thunderhead singer Ted Bullet and reformed [[Graham_Oliver#Son_of_a_Bitch|Son Of A Bitch]] and recorded in Manchester Victim You, the band's...
2. SonOfaBitch 1995
(Media Resources/Band Favourite Videos)
...- 'The Gary Glitter Band', [[Pete_Gill|Peter Gill]] joined the band adding his heavy duty style and tight rhythms that captured the attention of fans and envy of other bands struggling to draw...
3. SonOfaBitch To SAXON
(News/Saxon Archives)
...a Bitch with former Saxon bassist [[Steve_Dawson|Steve Dawson]] and drummer Pete Gill. Son of a Bitch released the largely threatening badgered, album Victim You with Thunderheadsinger, Ted Bullet. ...
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