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Why is it difficult to Register an account

User Help - FAQ


Registrations Can Fail due to ONE or ALL of the following occurences:
  • Problem: FAKE email addresses - CURE: Try using a real email address in the registration process
  • Problem: Bad Username - CURE: Try using a different username in the registration process
  • Problem: Bad IP Number - CURE: If your ISP provides you with a DYNAMIC IP number it can be possible that someone using it previous to you has got it listed in a banned database for abusive use. Logging off then back on to your computer's Internet connection to obtain a different IP number from your ISP should work.
You can check for any of the above problems by following the instructions below.

MetalThunder website uses the StopForum Spam engine technology to determine the validity of registration.
We do not personally make any decisions to reject registration applications as we rely on the use of a 3rd party checking system based at:
All registration applicants are checked in real time against a database of known criterea used to check for suspiscious spamming activity across the internet.
If you are reading this text it's likely that your registration has been deferred due to the checking system detailed above.

If you think your registration failure is wrong please don't hesitate to check the criterea we use by visiting the database website and enter one or all of the below 3 check references in their database search facility.

1. the email address used to register at this website
2. the domain IP number used to register at this website
3. The username used to register at this website

You can contact the database managers to question any information they have listed regarding your critera relating to the above 3 point check.

To check the 3 options listed above please go to:

There you can search by email / IP addresses and usernames.
The search page results will show you how often the above is listed and over what period of time, plus a lot more.

This service is used by us to help stay one step ahead of the game in ensuring that our userbase is fake-free.

Regards: MetalThunder Administration

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