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Oliver Dawson Saxon - 'Blood And Thunder Live' (Angel Air)
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Written by Matt Phelps
Tuesday, 05 August 2014 03:00
As founding members of Saxon both Graham Oliver and Steve Dawson helped shape the metal world we love with albums like 'Wheels Of Steel', 'Strong Arm Of The Law' and 'Crusader'.

And although they've been out of the Saxon spotlight for more years than I care to remember the pair left a lasting legacy of big riffs and thundering basslines embedded in the history books of rock.
For 'Blood And Thunder Live' the duo plunder those denim and leather-bound history books with their own Saxon spin-off group Oliver Dawson Saxon and blast their way through some of the old classics we all know and love while mixing in a few others here and there from the 'Victim You' album they released as Son Of A Bitch in '96 and the ODS 'MOTORBIKER' album which came out in 2012.
'Past The Point' from that Son Of A Bitch album gets the set off to a rip roaring start. It's a track bursting with glorious guitar parts that gets those fretboard fires raging early on. Following fast is the upbeat Saxon classic 'Everybody Up', Oliver and his fellow ODS six stringer Haydn Conway really waste no time getting killer riffs out to the die hard headbangers in the crowd. Brian Shaughnessy up front hammers through the tunes with a
voice not a million miles away from Biff Byford's golden Barnsley tones. And although Bri sits a little deeper than the Biffmeister his 'Crusader' is fantastic and you can see why he fits the band and performing these old gems so well.
The 2012 Oliver Dawson Saxon album 'MOTORBIKER' gets a sole representation from the fantastic heavy groove of 'Whippin' Boy'. Paul Oliver (Graham's son) proves to be a real powerhouse on the drums and rightly so. One time tech to the legendary Nigel Glockler he's learnt from one of the best and does nothing but justice to the NWOBHM beats as he powers the band past the 'Redline', down the straights with 'Motorcycle Man' and on towards the dizzy heights of eighties fashion with 'Denim And Leather'.
Dobby gets his foot up on the monitor for a lethal shot of 'Dallas 1pm' and at this point I realise that it never ceases to amaze me how much I love these songs. I could hear them a hundred times a day and I'd still never get bored. Saxon helped cement my love of metal so many years ago and hearing ODS rip through the likes of 'Princess Of The Night', 'Strong Arm Of The Law' and 'Rock 'N' Roll Gypsy' just brings back so many happy memories. These songs are timeless, forever linked with a better carefree time and that's the whole point of Oliver Dawson Saxon, it's just damn good fun. Keeping a door cracked open to the past but still enjoying rockin' out in the here and now.
'Blood And Thunder Live' is a prime example of what Oliver Dawson Saxon are all about so if you're looking for a sizable chunk of classic heavy metal to crank up and kick back to while you sink a few beers and get reminiscing of old days this will suit you down to the ground. But don't leave it there, check out the ODS website and Facebook pages to keep up to date with live events, they're being added all the time so do yourself a favour and get along to one because these good ol' boys still play it loud!

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