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MOTORBIKER - The new Heavy Metal album.

News - Oliver-Dawson SAXON

Oliver Dawson Saxon - Heavier than Metal

Oliver-Dawson Saxon started to record their new album titled MOTORBIKER five years ago at a recording studio in South Wales.

They had already composed the music earlier in South Yorkshire. The rehearsal room belonged to Steve Dawson. It was handy for the band that "Dobby" had a rather large building so that the gurus could rehearse in private.

It's rumored that the building is suitable for handling a rather big explosion of sound... somewhat akin to a volcano losing the top of its head on a busy day. Everyone soon started to get involved, voluntarily... the atmosphere was calling the shots and even the guys at the studio, who were somehow involved with THE LOST PROPHETS band, offered their expert influence donating vast quantities of regular professional input.

The mixing console and sound equipment was purchased from GARY BARLOW'S studio. It comes as no surprise then to mention Graham's comments in the few choice words he made whilst introducing the setup to the band. In a somewhat quiet but firm gesture nodding his head in approval he agreed... "It's top notch gear".
ODS started by laying down the initial backing tracks of drums and bass.

During these early stages the schedule was hectic. Graham Oliver was all booked up with guitar sessions stateside but managed to roll off a few sections with his son Paul on drums. Whilst regularly gigging around the live circuit, the other band members spent alternative weekends in the Welsh studio. On his return from USA, Graham soon appeared ready to tie in the rhythm section with the capable addition of singer John Ward, now set and ready to hone the vocals for a first analysis of the albums primordial structure.

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